The Heart of Community: Good People and Great Service

View from the living room window with apartments on the next wing's windows close by.

First living room choice was little too close for comfort, so we opted for the view behind door number two.

A few days ago John and I had lunch in the North Loop and stopped by the leasing office of our new building,  to learn what we could regarding the construction issues.  Our leasing agent, Peter Gulstrand, took the time to talk to us and give us a clear picture of the construction delays facing many of the apartment and condo building going up in the Twin Cities.   He also guided us through the construction site and took us up to our newly completed unit.

Once in the apartment, we realized that living room window’s positioning in relation to the line of sight with other units made us less than comfortable regarding the degree of privacy we might have.  Taking that into consideration, Peter took us a few doors down to show us another newly completed unit, that was not only positioned out of the line of sight of future neighbors, but had a better view  and also included the balcony I had originally wanted for container gardening.  He then showed us what other areas of the building that he could, given the construction process, to give us a better idea of how the building was developing.

Peter allowed us the time and space to contemplate the unit switch, and was very accommodating when we called him to change our already completed lease agreement for the other apartment. “We want you to be happy here for a long time,” he countered, when we apologized for being high-maintenance.

So often, it’s easy for us to find what is wrong with the organizations and people we work and do business with.  That’s why we felt it was important to say how impressed we were that, despite the obvious pressures of the delays in construction and juggling the needs of many future renters, the leasing team at Solhavn has gone over and above for us.  They are not a large staff,  but they have given us the feeling, any time we work with them, that we are extremely important to them.

This is not an easy mark to hit when one considers that John and I are moving from one of the most highly-rated apartment buildings for customer service in the Twin Cities.  Our home at the Cosmopolitan on Mears Park, is managed by an award-winning team of people (2012

John and Lynn standing in the kitchen of the unit.

Checking out the newly completed kitchen–John is so excited to use that amazing gas stove!

Duebener Award, among others) that feel much more like members of our family, than people who collect our rent.  When I was living alone and became ill, the Cosmopolitan staff offered to go to the drug store for me.  Staff members also attended my and John’s wedding reception.  The Cosmopolitan staff members have been a part of some of the most important moments in our lives while we lived here.  We believe that the people managing our building understand the heart of community better than anywhere we’ve ever lived.

It’s wonderful to look forward to living in a new building that exemplifies this same philosophy: that good people and great service, make a rental community a home.


2 thoughts on “The Heart of Community: Good People and Great Service

  1. Thank you for the heartwarming feedback. I feel so privileged to work with this group, and the caliber of residents we are so fortunate to have lifts me every day. Welcome aboard!

  2. It’s great that you were able to tour your finished unit and make a change before move in. I think having a balcony is important. Just to be able to step outside for a little fresh air makes a huge difference in apartment living.

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