Solhavn’s Open and Snowmen are Welcome!

High-top tables and stools with artistic looking lamps over them in the Solhavn Brew Pub.

The new Brew Pub at Solhavn where we look forward to meeting our new friends and neighbors.

Last week, John and I were given the opportunity to meet our new neighbors and explore our future home at Solhavn’s grand opening party.  The building was filled with new tenants, well-wishers, potential residents and live jazz music.  We wandered the premises marveling at the elegant appointments and well-equipped public spaces that will soon be part of our home.

One the added bonuses we’ve been enjoying is meeting some of our new neighbors via our blog! Getting to know people in the Urban Deluxe neighborhood prior to the move has really ramped up the anticipation level.  It’s great that people are reaching out to us and we’re visualizing some great chats with them in front of the fire in the lobby’s Living Room or in the Brew Pub in just a few short weeks.

One of the attractions Solhavn had for us is a carefully outfitted fitness center

John and Stephanie standing in our new kitchen.

John with our building’s new general manager, Stephanie, showing off our new kitchen.

(Precore machines! Yes!) and a lovely yoga room. Being part of a building that has a well-built social aspect to its resident web portal means that we’ve been able to post a “club” notice and are already getting positive feedback about creating a resident yoga group within the building.

But I have to say that the best part of our experience of preparing for our move to Solhavn has been the great interaction we continue to have with the building staff.  Shortly after we entered the celebration, Stephanie, our building’s new general manager asked us if she could show us our new apartment.  “I’d be honored if you’d let me be the one to show you,” she said.

Standing on our new balcony I told  Stephanie about the lighted snowman my daughter and I called “Frosty.”  We  had put Frosty on display outside of our home for every holiday season since she was very  young.  The year we moved into our apartment in downtown St. Paul, we had even used him as a lamp when we had little furniture. My daughter had begged me to take Frosty with us to Solhavn “for just one more year” when I explained I didn’t think we’d have the space to store him.  Stephanie exclaimed upon hearing this, “Of course, you’ve got to bring Frosty and put him on your balcony!”

At that moment, I knew we had selected the right home.  Even snowmen are welcome here!

Frosty will be welcomed at Solhavn, along with all of our other memories.

Frosty will be welcomed at Solhavn, along with all of our other memories.


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