What is Urban Deluxe?

Lap top computer open on a table with a cup of coffee next to it.Urban Deluxe is a verbal and visual exploration of our reinventing the midpoint of our lives, leaving the Lowertown St. Paul neighborhood we’ve loved for many years to begin again in the emerging urban communities in and near downtown Minneapolis. This blog also covers shaking up our once stable financial world by starting a mission-based for-profit business while one of us moves into retirement.

UD highlights what we love most about living in the city, focusing on the people and businesses that make these places wonderful to live in, and discuss the changes they’re experiencing as they grow.

We also showcase eateries, entertainment spots and new neighborhood haunts and talk about what its like to come out on the other side of downsizing as a new version of urban minimalists.

Happy to hear reader views and we’ll welcome guest bloggers who want to share a viewpoint or experience of their own!

GOT SOMETHING TO TELL US? WANT TO GUEST BLOG ON URBAN DELUXE?  Get in touch with us via the form below:


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