Clandestine Tour of the new Solhavn

Photo of apartment building with blue sky and white clouds overhead.
Barricade in the apartment lobby and floor to ceiling glass windows into the conference room.

The new Solhavn lobby with marble fireplace and conference room, awaiting their furnishings.

This afternoon, following a business meeting in Uptown, I took advantage of the lateness of the afternoon and the sunshine, to run our updated lease agreement over to the rental office of our new apartment building.  The leasing office is located in the completed sister-building to ours, but I was able to see that, just a block away, the door to our new building was standing open allowing the early autumn breeze to drift through the transitioning structure.

One of the Solhavn staff cheerfully accepted our updated lease and explained, when I asked if I could poke my head into the new building, that we needed to arrange a tour for another day. “The building is still under construction,” she explained, “and we can’t let you go in without staff.”  She apologized, but the leasing agents were presently in a meeting and I demurred, not wishing to take up more of her time, having come over unannounced.

Besides…the door to the new building was standing wide open and I could see the construction crew packing up their tools and heading down the street to their cars.  So I did what any self-respecting future tenant, and blog writer would do, I sneaked inside.

With camera phone at the ready, and a watchful eye for annoyed contractors, I wandered through the new, half-finished public spaces on the first floor of our new home.  Noting the gleaming fireplaces, fixtures and appliances newly fitted to their destinations, I captured the public living room chandelier and took a photo through the glass door of the new brew-pub.  My clandestine journey lasted only about 5 minutes, but it was fun to get a quick look of things taking shape in

Chandelier next to a tall step ladder, suspended from a partially complete ceiling.

Solhavn’s elegance begins to emerge as the graceful chandeliers are fitted to the public rooms.

the place we’ll be moving to next month.

I finally walked out into what will be our new backyard, and took a few shots of our newly assembled balcony. (Yes, they finally arrived!)  It’s fun to consider relaxing out there next year at this time, and sharing moments around the fire pit and barbecue with friends, family and my company’s staff.  Enjoy the snapshots of my adventurous afternoon in the new Solhavn.

Brew-Pub room under construction with green hanging lamps and a wood counter.

Solhavn will have a Brew-Pub, outfitted with premium espresso dispensed Swedish modern style.

Apartment building courtyard with barbecue and sheltered areas being built.

The spacious outdoor space in the building’s courtyard. Our balcony will overlook this area.


Construction Caprice Creates Urban Dilemna

The newly installed brick facade went up on our building just a few weeks ago.

The newly installed brick facade went up on our building just a few weeks ago.

With our move-in date set, and the 60 day cut-off date approaching in our present building, we submitted our “Notice to Vacate” form last week.   It was a bit tearful for me, leaving the place where I had raised my teenage daughter, where John and I celebrated our wedding reception and finally, where my staff and advisory board had started our new mission-based company, WeCo.

Shortly after handing in the notice, we learned that our next apartment destination was experiencing construction delays.  An email from the leasing office informed us that only 25 units had been completed to the point of occupancy and the common areas were no where near complete.   Some of our new building’s tenants were being placed in other rental buildings and others had found a way to delay their move. Further information told us that the large city-wide apartment and condo building boom in the Twin Cites meant that nearly all the buildings under construction were experiencing delays in balcony shipments because most were using the same vendor.

By chance I encountered, Gina, a Village Green leasing agent, at a Chamber of Commerce event at the Ordway last week.  She had shown  John and me a few apartment units  in the past and we ran into each other on occasion.  I had the perfect expert to consult about the possibility of the construction caprice affecting our move in date–which I was certain would be resolved, come late November.  “Don’t be so sure about that,” Gina cautioned.  “You have to figure that the delay will set everything back accordingly.  If the initial move-in is delayed four weeks, than your move in might be delayed four weeks.”

Moving to a brand new apartment in an emerging neighborhood is exciting, as neither of us had ever lived in a newly constructed home

The phone pic I snapped of the construction crew installing the living room window in our new apartment.

The phone pic I snapped of the construction crew installing the living room window in our new apartment.

before.  However, that excitement has now been enhanced by not knowing if our home may be ready for us when our move in date arrives.   We’ve reached out to our new building staff and are patiently awaiting an answer (as have, we imagine, about 100 other new future residents.)  Until then, we can only hope that we’ll have something to move into in two months time.

A few weeks ago I happened to walk by the building just as the construction crew was installing the living room window in our unit,  Hoping that’s a positive sign completion is close!